Medical Scribe Services

Do you wish you could spend more time with your patients and less time behind a computer?


If so, you can’t go wrong with Datalyst’s virtual medical scribe services. With our 20+ years of expertise and highly experienced staff, you can limit your documentation responsibilities, easily increasing revenue and patient satisfaction. Let Datalyst handle your medical scribing needs while you focus on what you’re good at: caring for your patients and running your practice.

How it Works

 Our real-life scribes (no AI) deliver fully customizable medical scribing services that require no change in the provider documentation process. We input data from audio or written notes directly into your EMR/EHR system while adhering to all HIPAA and security protocols.

Who We Serve

We are pleased to provide the highest quality medical scribing services to all types of medical organizations, including:

  • Clinics
  • Physician offices
  • Emergency centers
  • Nursing homes
  • General practitioners
  • Specialty medical providers
  • & many more!
Datalyst Medical Scribing

How Your Practice Can Benefit from a Datalyst Medical Scribe

Enhanced Patient Care

By outsourcing your EMR/EHR data entry process, you can shift more of your focus to your patients, fostering deeper connections and improving outcomes.

Optimized Efficiency

We make it a breeze for you to see more patients and reduce the inefficiencies that may interfere with your goals.

Increased Revenue

By seeing more patients per shift, you’ll enjoy a more profitable, successful practice.

Improved Provider Satisfaction

Less medical scribing on your plate can lead to a better work environment and work-life balance.

Why Choose Datalyst


HIPAA Compliant

Our services are HIPAA compliant. We guarantee complete security and confidentiality for your peace of mind.

Specialized Staff

We are selective in who we hire. Our staff is highly experienced in medical scribing and continually perfects their skills through ongoing training.

Money Savings

Datalyst allows you to minimize staffing costs, as well as hardware and software expenses. We make it easy to accelerate your cash flow.

Single Point of Contact

As a Datalyst customer, you’ll be assigned to a dedicated specialist. They’ll be available to address your needs and answer your questions, 24/7.


Fewer Charting Issues

With Datalyst, you can avoid the common EMR/EHR charting issues that can negatively impact your practice, including less quality time with patients, lost revenue, and clinician burnout.


Fast Turnaround Times

You don’t have to wait forever to receive your valuable data. We are pleased to offer lightning fast turnaround times that can meet any deadline.

Schedule your no obligation free Setup today

If you have any questions about our medical scribe services or you’d like us complete a free setup for you, simply get in touch to arrange your onboarding call. We’re here to help.