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Language Services

Language Translation and Foreign Language Transcription Services Exactly the Way You Need

Datalyst is one of the leading providers of global language and translation services. We have translated countless documents and audio files from nearly all of the world’s major languages into English and transcribed countless more foreign language audio files.

We offer translation services to a variety of industries (including legal, business, academic, advertising and film industries) and have established a set of services that meet the unique demands of each client.

Datalyst offers a customized and flexible solution for our language services customers. We’ll translate and transcribe almost any type of document or file including:

  • Academic translations/transcriptions such as dissertations and research reports
  • Advertising translations/transcriptions such as web globalization, audio/video and press releases
  • Business translations/transcriptions such as interviews, focus groups and manuals
  • Legal document translations/transcriptions such as contracts, court documents and deposition transcripts
  • Plus much more

An Accurate and On-Time Language Service

Regardless of the type of language service you need, our team of translators and foreign language experts have the skills and the technological know-how to translate audio files and written files into English or transcribe from a variety of non-English audio files. Our customers choose us because of our guaranteed turnaround time and superior quality.

Trust Datalyst to translate and transcribe your written and audio files quickly and accurately.

To learn more about our translation and foreign language transcription services, call Datalyst to speak with a representative at 888.282.3282.