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Simply put, we take data in virtually any format — electronic, paper, video, or audio — and convert it into the optimal digital format. Once digital, we have a wide variety of ways to deliver the data to you, ranging from web and FTP to CD-Rom and e-mail. Datalyst can also host your data as either the primary storage or as a secondary backup, providing a safe and secure home for your organization's data.

Datalyst helps reduce costs, capture margins and create value by offering data conversion processes. Request a Quote today, and see how we can help you with your data conversion needs. The following is a sampling of the common tasks we perform:

Medical Transcription | View Page

Physicians' and other health care professionals' voice recordings are converted to easy-to-read written documents.

Audio and Video Transcription

Transforming sound and video files into digital form so they're readable and searchable.

Business/Legal Transcription | View Page

Working with attorneys, law firms, corporations and legal services organizations. Securely and confidentially.

Data Entry | View Page

Keying data into software packages, such as MS Word, Excel and Access.

Basic Encoding

Converting content, such as text and graphics into XML, SGML, HTML and other web-based formats, for cost-effective usability.

Forms Conversion

Converting data from a paper hardcopy to a fully transferable, searchable electronic form.

PDF Conversion

Transforming paper documents into compact, searchable files in this international industry standard.

eBook Creation

Converting hard copies into digital form so they read, print and edit just like the original.


Scanning text documents to convert them to an entirely editable, searchable format.

Archiving, Storage and Retrieval

Rendering documents into a digital form and indexing for ease of access and searching. Dramatically reduces storage space requirements while creating a powerful backup of your documents.

Microfilm and Microfiche conversion

Translating legacy formats into searchable, accessible forms.