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California medical transcription special:

Datalyst will turn your dictation into medical transcripts with industry-leading accuracy, and quick turnaround times (48 hours or less during your free trial, faster paid plans available).

No commitment, 100% HIPAA compliant. New California-based clients only.


Guaranteed Speed & Accuracy

We’re available 24/7. Industry-leading accuracy, 98.5% or better. Guaranteed turnaround from STAT (2 hours) to 48 hours.


100% HIPAA Compliant

Our services are fully HIPAA compliant for total security and patient confidentiality.


No Setup Fees. No Contracts. No Minimums. After your free sample, rates start at 7.5¢ per line.

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Fast, accurate Medical Transcription

Datalyst provides fast, accurate medical transcription for medical practices, ambulatory surgical centers (ASC), hospitals, mental health facilities, physical therapy clinics, and other medical professionals.

Any Dictation Method

Datalyst accommodates a variety of convenient dictation methods to make your life easier, including: toll-free telephone (dial-in) dictation, iPhone dictation, Android dictation and digital recorders.

Datalyst Medical Transcription Services
Datalyst Medical Transcription Services

Any Document Format With Guaranteed Accuracy

For your convenience, we can enter your transcription into any electronic medical record (EMR) system, in any document format, with any number of different recipients, as you wish.

Our experienced medical transcriptionists offer industry-leading accuracy (98.5% or better).


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“Great job! We’re very pleased with how fast we get our transcription back, and the accuracy is amazing. We definitely made the right choice when we went with you.” — BV

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Datalyst will turn your dictation into medical transcripts with industry-leading accuracy.

Get 3 days free with no commitment.

100% HIPAA compliant. Offer valid for new Datalyst clients based in California.