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Datalyst will set up a medical scribe for your EHR for free.

Our real-life, expert medical scribes (no AI) deliver fully customizable Medical Scribing Services that require no change in the provider documentation process. 

No commitment, 100% HIPAA compliant. New Datalyst clients only.


Guaranteed Speed & Accuracy

We’re available 24/7. Industry-leading accuracy, 98.5% or better. Guaranteed turnaround from STAT (2 hours) to 48 hours.


100% HIPAA Compliant

Our services are fully HIPAA compliant for total security and patient confidentiality.


No Setup Fees. No Contracts. No Minimums.

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Fast, accurate Medical Scribing

Datalyst provides fast, accurate medical scribing for medical practices, ambulatory surgical centers (ASC), hospitals, mental health facilities, physical therapy clinics, and other medical professionals.


Datalyst accommodates a variety of electronic health record systems (EHR). Get free setup for your platform – fast and seamless.

Datalyst Medical Transcription Services
Datalyst Medical Transcription Services

Expert Medical Scribes

Our team is comprised of experienced medical scribes – we don’t utilize AI or any automations. You will get fast, accurate medical scribing to your EHR.


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“Always appreciative of your hard work to make us look good. My charting looks stunning because of you guys. Keep up the good work.” — GB, APRN

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